The ATA wants to combine training and CPD with a wide range of leadership development opportunities underpinned by an ethos of coaching and mentoring. We have already organised a NPQSL cohort and we are busy finding out the development needs and priorities of schools.

Leadership Development for Middle Leaders

The Leadership Development for Middle Leaders (LDML) is accredited by the Ashford Teaching Alliance. It is aimed at those in and new to a middle leadership role.

This programme is delivered both SLE and NCSL trained facilitators as part of the range of professional training courses offered by the Ashford Teaching Alliance.

For further information on how to get involved in the next cohort, please contact us via office@ashfordteachingalliance.co.uk.

National Professional Qualification for Senior Leaders - NPQSL 

We currently have two cohorts completing the NPQSL course run by our partners, LLSE. The qualification is for successful middle/senior leaders who are looking to develop their leadership skills in preparation for the next step of NPQH.

Candidates have to complete two essential modules:

  • Closing the Gap (in Achievement and Attainment)
  • Succeeding in Senior Leadership

Two elective modules from a wide range of topics based on improving the quality of teaching and effective whole school development and improvement

A final assessment demonstrating successful and sustainable school improvement.

We have trialled our own Building the Inspiring Classroom course and since September we have been developing our already successful course for middle leaders. Other future events will include Teach Meets to share best practice; Outstanding Teaching Programme; Coaching and Mentoring; NQT Induction; Governor training to encourage participation in the National Leaders of Governance Programme. Other suggestions have included, for example, Behaviour Management and Clerk to the Governors training.

When booking is open, application forms are available on our CPD page.

LLE Pilot Project

Overall Aim of the Project

To strengthen the governance and infrastructure for LLE recruitment, designation, training and deployment in Kent andMedway. The decision was made to focus the project on the North Area due to the fact that this area had the fewest current LLEs.


1. Establish a Steering Group for the pilot with representatives from Kent and Medway

  • The group have been working effectively together on the pilot since May 2014. It includes representatives from DASCO, KAH, Medway TSA, New Horizons TSA, Medway Council and Thames TSA.

2. Develop draft protocols for standardising an approach to marketing and recruitment of LLEs for all teaching schools in Kent and Medway

  • Potential candidates were identified through North Board audit of existing Heads.
  • In order to market the opportunity a letter was drafted and sent to all head teachers who might fit the criteria and therefore be potential candidates.
  • Follow up conversations were had between steering group members and potential candidates.
  • Job description and person specification were agreed by the steering group based on the expected NCTL criteria.
  • Briefing for potential LLEs arranged for 1st December

3. Develop draft protocols and processes for designation of new and or returning LLEs

  • The steering group agreed that designation should be through a panel of 3 NLEs 2 from the KMTSN and one from out of area.
  • Designation will be determined as a result of the panel assessing applications against the criteria agreed above.
  • The closing date for applications was 6th January.
  • The panel met on 14th January and have made recommendations which will now be forwarded to the National College for ratification.

4.  Design and introduce a programme of training and support (including high level coaching and mentoring) for new and existing LLEs

The main objective of the training is to ensure that all LLEs have the skills to provide high quality support to other Headteachers to increase leadership capacity to raise standards.

5. Develop agreed protocols and procedures through TSAs, KAH area boards and Medway School Effectiveness Strategic Board (MSESB) to commission and deploy LLEs appropriately

  • Deployment protocols will be negotiated with TSAs, KAH and MSESB.
  • Area Boards and MSESB meeting cycles agreed.
  • TSAs will be represented on the boards.Funding for deployment will sit with these boards.
  • A mechanism for rapid response to urgent issues has been agreed.

6. Put monitoring and evaluation systems in place to quality assure the work of the LLEs and contribute to the national pilot

  • Work in progress.

Talent Management and Succession Planning

This pilot focused on the Talent Management Pathways trying to develop structures and systematic talent management and succersion plannings. This is in resposne to the current national problem of finding and developing future leaders. Local Authority intelligence suggests that this is particularly relevant in the Kent and Medway area.

For further information, please click here to see the full report.

If you would like to suggest possible CPD events - either as something to be organised or something you would like to offer - or if you would like further discussion or have suggestions as to how we can help our leaders of the future, please contact Lesley Donald at office@ashfordteachingalliance.co.uk

What would you like? - Please do contact us!