Leaping Up to Leadership

30 aspiring Middle and Senior Leaders and Headteachers from across Kent and Medway attended the launch of the Leaping Up to Leadership pilot (funded by NCTL) on Thursday 25 May at Highworth Grammar School in Ashford. 


Leaping Up to Leadership

The participants heard details of the programme from Research Champion, Ben White, and enjoyed a keynote speech from Bev Farrell, Headteacher of Canterbury Primary Academy, who charted her leadership development in an entertaining, practical and informative way.

In preparation for the event, candidates had completed a leadership self-review and selected a research topic linked to the new NPQ standards of Teaching and Curriculum Excellence. On the day, they then broke into their vertical research groups to share information and arrange school visits in this final term.

Participants responded enthusiastically to the launch and left eager to complete their research visits and read Our Iceberg is Melting by John Kotter (issued by Ben) – a fable that deals with the Eight Steps required to bring about successful change. Candidates will meet again in September to discuss their findings before delivering a final report and presentation in November.


The second year of the pilot will be open to further aspiring leaders from January 2018. If you are interested, please contact your local Teaching Alliance or Lesley Donald at office@ashfordteachingalliance.co.uk

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