About The Hub

The Kent and Medway Maths hub, lead by Sir Joseph Williamson Mathematical School, is part of the national Maths Hubs programme.

The Maths Hubs programme the first time brings together all mathematics education professionals in a national network of hubs, each locally led by an outstanding school or college, and in partnership with neighbouring schools, colleges, universities, CPD providers, maths experts and employers. This is a new way of harnessing all maths teaching expertise within an area, to spread excellent practice even more widely, for the benefit of all pupils and students.

The national dimension of the programme is made possible by the hubs collaborating as a national group, pooling experience, expertise and ideas as a network, and meeting once a term at the National Maths Hubs Forum. This is a new way of fast-tracking current, school-based practice and research to an environment where national policy objectives can be explored and new ideas formulated.

Kent and Medway Maths Hub - Vision

The Kent and Medway Maths Hub aims to develop students who are:

  • Confident and successful mathematicians who can use maths in their own lives
  • Inspired by the creativity and power of mathematics
  • Active contributors to the global society and economy

By assisting schools and teachers to:

  • Develop their students’ fluency hand in hand with conceptual and relational understanding of mathematics through a mastery curriculum and approach to teaching
  • improving their students’ problem solving ability
  • improving maths achievement at all levels
  • improving participation rates in mathematics at all levels
  • improving the recruitment and retention of maths specialist teachers

Many schools and colleges are learning communities, in which teachers and support staff learn from each other (and from their students), within a culture where research, coaching and mentoring are commonplace. The Hub aims to provide teachers and support staff with access to professional development that involves experience of excellent practice within and beyond their immediate school, through observation, mentoring, coaching, practice, collaboration, research, reflection and sharing with colleagues.

Working with its partners, the Kent and Medway Maths Hub will offer:

  • a range of professional development opportunities for teachers and support staff
  • opportunities for teachers and support staff to take part in classroom research
  • support networks for teachers and support staff at all stages of their careers
  • leadership development opportunities for teachers and support staff

 How Do I Participate?

The Hub are looking to expand their pool of leading practitioners and would like to hear from you if you are an SLE/MAST/NCETM PD Lead, or similar, and are interested in participating in or running some of our workgroups.

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